Thursday, January 15, 2009

Language of Love, Language of All.

As many of you may know, with the holidays over, I am back at school, here at UCLA. School is something that I have always had mixed feelings about, kind of like eating steak tar-tar. It tastes good, but is raw beef. Not the wisest of foods. Anyway, school has always brought about mixed feelings for me. I love the learning environment, and I love the people and the professors I come across. But I am lazy and I don't like waking up, leaving my room, or going to class. Who does, really?

This is the end of my second week back to school. Upon return, I must say I was insanely depressed. I was stressed with having to deal with a few new classes, having to be involved with the voice department's opera, Le nozze di Figaro by W. A. Mozart, and most of all, being away from my beloved boyfriend, Pasha.

Pasha and I have now been together for almost 10 months, what has only felt like 10 minutes. Unfortunately, he lives back at home, a 6 hour drive from here. He is the first person in my life whom I have met who is the person I feel as though understands who I am, what I am, and what I need. I love him very dearly and miss him more than I could possibly say. Distance can keep us separated in person, but he is always in my heart.

Now, being away from Pasha is simply almost unbearable. The thing that keeps me sane is first of all being able to talk with him everyday, whether that be phone, computer, or letter (yes, we write letters). Second, is that fact that I am here for music. Being able to sing relaxes me and keeps me from being put in the nut house. Music has the power that nothing else on earth possesses. It is this invisible force that somehow keeps my universe in alignment. And funny enough, music goes almost hand in hand in my relationship with my boyfriend. Music is something that has always been extremely important to us both as individuals, and as a couple. We frequently express our thoughts and love for each other in music. There are songs that mean so much to us (specifically songs like those from the band, Lifehouse), and others (this includes the heartfelt songs written by my lovely friend in the antarctic of the US, i.e., Iowa, Karen).

The point I'm trying to make is that music is a universal language that is shared throughout the world amongst every person, and is the universal expression of every emotion. Music has the power to extract love, hate, friendship, sorrow, tranquility.....whatever it is, music has always said it all. This is why I love and honor music. I don't do it for the entertainment or the money. I do it for me. Call me selfish, but music is my drug of choice, and I am addicted. The two things I could not live without--Pasha and Music.

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The Microblogologist said...

You were right, I definitely enjoyed this post, very well said! I need to finish my label song one of these days. Love ya kiddo!